I am on a SWER line I've been told I need an export limiter. Is that necessary?




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    Dan Morgan

    Hi Finn, Im on a SWER line in country SA, can you confirm/explain a couple things for me please -

    If I get my SEG approved for a 6.5kw system with approved export limiting inverter, (Solaredge SE5000H) I cannot export anything at all to grid or can I export at a limited/throttled amount?

    If I stay under 5000w of panels I can export to grid?

    If I stay under 5000w, and add batteries in two/three years time is there a way to add an extra 2.5kw of panels (feeding the existing Solaredge SE5000H) to help charge batteries and still be able to export any left over? If so, can I claim STC for these extra panels (assuming STC still exist then)?

    Many Thanks Finn.

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    Finn Peacock

    It depends what export limit (in kW) has been approved.

    This article shows how export limiters work:



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